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Charleigh and her Snowman
WCRZ photo

Have you seen any pictures on Facebook or Instagram from your friends who have built snowmen with their kids? Have you had an opportunity to get outside and build a snowman in the last week or so? The snow that has fallen on Michigan over the last few days is custom made for building a snowman. (Or snowwoman!)

Although most people in the Flint area have seen approximately 2 to 4 inches of snow since Saturday, it's been deemed the perfect type of snow for building snowmen. What makes it perfect? According to the Weather Channel, heavy, wet snow that holds a lot of water is ideal. And when temperatures hover right around the freezing point -- ideally 30 or 31 degrees -- that's when snow is most likely to be infused with a good amount of water.

By the way, the picture above features our granddaughter Charleigh -- our big Flushing Junior Raider -- and the snowman she built over the weekend.

And that snowman of yours had better not step on a scale. He (or she) is pretty darn heavy -- but not to worry, it's all just water weight. In the video below, the Weather Channel's Tom Niziol explains that one cubic foot of wet, heavy, snowman-snow can weigh as much as 20 pounds.

And with the way the snow hung in the branches of all our trees, have you ever seen a more majestic snowfall than what we've just seen over the last few days? (Well, unless you were tasked with shoveling it out of your driveway.)

Have any pics of the snowman you and the family built? We'd love to see 'em in the comments or on our Facebook page.


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