Do you think that this is too harsh of a job posting?

The Maple Grille Restaurant and Microbrewery in Hemlock posted that they're hiring on their Facebook page, and their post has created a bit of online hype. It says:

We are hiring!
Looking for someone with great customer service to run our counter, take orders, pour beers and have good time. Hours will be Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9pm. If you ask for days off don’t bother applying. If you are sick regularly don’t bother applying. If you don’t want to work 50 hours a week don’t bother applying. You must also enjoy real food and not be a picky eater.

Please bring in your resume in person. No phone calls or emails.

After some online blowback, they posted the following:

Do you think that their job posting was too harsh, or is it par for the course?

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