Welcome to the neighborhood... Not long after moving to Petoskey (a quaint little town in Northwest Michigan) Brit Averill learned just how welcoming her neighbors ARE NOT when her pride flag was damaged.

But Averill took the opportunity to show just how resilient she is, displaying the remnants of the flag along with a note that trumps hate.

"In case you wondered why our flag is tattered... Someone stole it, ripped it apart, + peed on it." In smaller print, the sign goes on to read "But we restored it as best as we could, made a police report, & will fly it with PRIDE."

The pictures (posted with permission) were shared on Facebook by one of her other neighbors, Pete Kehoe, who wrote:

This is hate.
This is cowardice.
This is ignorance.
This is UNACCEPTABLE in my neighborhood.

Kehoe went on to apologize on behalf of the neighborhood and issued a warning to those who damaged the flag.

"Shame on whomever did this, and I sincerely hope to find out who you are.
You will be very sorry if I do."


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