Hey audience! We are sad. The world has lost a big source of laughter.

The comedic mind behind Ded Bob has passed away. He was what truly brought laughter and a unique style of shenanigans to the Michigan Renaissance Festival year after year.

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Reported in true Ded Bob fashion on his Facebook show page, the passing of Clark Orwick was announced saying,

"DEAR BOB ZOMBIES - My beloved dummy, Smuj, passed away last evening after a 6 week long battle in ICU from a massive heart attack. His comedic genius will be greatly missed."

The Ded Bob Show was the highlight for me, and most, at the Michigan Renaissance Festival each year. If you aren't familiar, Bob was a puppet with a attitude that had you wondering if he was the human and his handler was the dummy, and that is exactly how he portrayed it. Smuj, Orwick, was simply the silent sidekick to "the most notorious womanizer ever to prowl the earth". By the way, Bob met his demise when he was hung (for goosing the queen).

His shows had audience members joining in by being put under his trance and becoming "Bob Zombies" when they become "Bobnotized". Orwick had been part of Renaissance festivals across the country for close to 25 years.

He found comic inspiration from George Carlin, Carol Burnette, Smothers Brothers, Laugh-In, and SNL and put his Shakespearean twist on it. The result was timeless.

Clark once made a self-proclaimed mission saying,  "To make people laugh and take themselves less seriously. To stretch the rules, but not break them."

Thank you Ded Bob ( Clark Orwick, Smuj,) for the years of fun and smiles.

Check out the pictures from HollyDazzle below.


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