Budget cuts within school districts seem to be as common and recess anymore across the country. Feeling the brunt of the cutbacks are often the teachers themselves with classrooms supplies becoming their own expenses. A recent report ranked the top states where the most teachers are feeling the fiscal pinch, and our own Michigan came in 2nd.

According to a government survey released by the Department of Education earlier this year, 94% of public school teachers reportedly paid for classroom supplies without reimbursement between 2014 and 2015. On average, these teachers reported spending about $479 of their own money, and seven percent of them reportedly spent more than $1,000. Teachers are able to deduct $250 from their taxes for school supplies, which falls significantly below what they pay for.

According to the ranking, Michigan spent $15.86 billion on education and 112,500 teachers with 104,010 teachers taking the out of pocket tax credit for supplies. Money spent was for pens, pencils, notebooks, and general teaching supplies. The amount spent was $254,201,000. The report indicated the average salary for a school teacher was $62,200. Michigan was second to Rhode Island and shared the top 10 with states like Florida, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Connecticut.

As we approach the beginning of another school year, it's clear that the high cost of education isn't reserved for college and those parents sending their kids back to class. Statistics like this may be key to the growing shortage of educators in the country.

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