Cha-Ching! You may want to break open those piggy banks and empty those coin jars because you may have a little extra unexpected cash flow just laying around.

In a recent report spilled the beans on those U.S. Mint State Quarters, that were created from 1999 to 2008, having a little more value than they originally did, some as much a $55 each.  Now, before you get all excited, most likely your quarter is worth exactly that, 25 cents, but if it happens to be perfectly in mint condition it could get you $1. Still, there are a few coins out there that are worth even more.

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According to the new report, there is a way to tell what value your Michigan quarter has by markings on the coin. The state coins that were issued have one of three markings “D,” “P” or “S”. Each mark signifies where they were minted. D stands for the Denver Mint, P stands for the Philadelphia Mint and an S is for those created at the San Francisco Mint. Coins marked with an S, and coins marked with an S that are silver-proof, are more likely to fetch more than D or P coins.

So how does these markings translate into cash? Simple, certain markings along with the changes in value based on the current price of silver determine if your spare change is worth keeping. If you happen to have a silver-proof coin you have a "winner".

“These coins can be differentiated by the silver edge of the coin, the slightly greater weight of 6.25 grams, or by the official US Mint packaging,” according to My Coins Guide.

When it comes to Michigan, the quarter's worth is broken down like this:

P marking:  $1.35
D marking:  $1.35
S marking:  $6
S Silver:      $11
These are based on the coin being in mint condition per Coin Trackers. If you are unsure of actual coins you have be sure to contact a local dealer for assessment.
If that piggy bank is full, you can see the full list of all the State Quarter Values here. 

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