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A Michigan chief of police has been placed on paid administrative leave after allegedly sending a series of tweets that promote police brutality.

He has not yet been terminated.

We're hoping it's just taking the department a little time to make sure they have the paperwork in order.

A Twitter account with the handle @sheepdawg711 has been deleted since the tweets were made, but it was previously tied to Shelby Township Chief of Police Robert J. Shelide, according to WXYZ.

The violence-infused tweets targeted those who have been protesting the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

“Trump threatening to deploy the military,” read one tweet. “I have a better idea: unleash the real cops and let them take care of these barbarians. I promise it will be over in 24 hours.”

And another:

“Wild savages. I wish to God I would have been there. Body bags for these vicious subhumans. Oh, on another note, I dare you to try and drag me out of my vehicle.”



Shelide has since issued an apology, according to Detroit's WDIV.

"While an apology is insufficient and an insult to the gravity of my comments, I humbly and respectfully ask for the courtesy of forgiveness to those I have offended, to my department and more importantly to those I am sworn to serve."

He'll remain on paid administrative leave until the investigation has been completed.


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