There are few things that personify Michigan more than a pasty, but Michigan is a state divided when it comes to what should be on top of the pasty.

Pasties didn't originate in Michigan, but we have definitely taken a slice of ownership. The stories of miners taking pasties into the mines with them go back to their creation in Europe. Fast forward to miners in the U.P. wrapping their pasties in foil, and tucking them into their helmets to keep them warm.

I told you, the roots of pasties in Michigan run deep.

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There's even an Instagram account dedicated to all of the places that you can buy the perfect pasty. The Pasty Guy has dedicated loads of time to trying pasties all over Michigan. Just looking at his IG page makes me hungry.

Having lived in Michigan my whole life, I have eaten my fair share of pasties. I even have family that live in the Upper Peninsula, so I've probably had more than the average Michigander.

I always knew there was a debate about how a pasty should be eaten, but I never knew how deep it ran until talking with my co-worker Kedron. He lived in the UP for 20+ years, and schooled me on the fact that many people eat their pasties topped with ketchup . . . which is one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard!

People are quick to argue about what topping should be on the pasty. There are a huge variety of things that people put on randomly, but the most debated are ketchup and gravy. Don't believe me? Then why are there ketchup vs gravy pasty shirts for sale on Amazon?!

That being said, a perfect pasty needs no topping at all.

Let me know how you eat your pasty in the poll below.

Instead of arguing about how the pasty should be served, maybe we should all just celebrate the pasty and the Calumet Pasty Fest . . . yes this is a real thing.

Make sure to send us a message on our app with your favorite Pasty spot.

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