If sushi was the last food on earth, I could live my final days a very happy man. Damn, I love me some sushi. If your bond with sushi is a strong as mine, you'll be happy to know a sushi train restaurant is now open in Michigan. What is a sushi train restaurant you ask? It's basically a plate of sushi that gets delivered to you via conveyor belts.

Michigan's first-ever conveyor belt sushi restaurant is now open in Troy and is called Kura Sushi.

If you're still confused, Metro Times helped us break things down a bit: Below, a "primary belt" carries a rotating selection of sushi plates that customers can grab as they please. Guests can also place orders using a touch panel tablet at their table, which is delivered via an "Express Belt" — or what Kura Sushi calls a "sushi highway" — located above the primary belt.

The Japanese chain is the first of its kind in Michigan and is located at 736 W. Big Beaver Rd in Troy. It's a quick 45-minute drive down I-75.

The company has a number of safety measures in place to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, because of the restrictions put in place by our state, the restaurant can only operate with a 25% capacity limit. That could make it a little tough getting in.

Kura Sushi opened their doors this past Saturday, February 27. If you're looking to head down and try it out, here are their hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday and 11 a.m.-10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

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