After losing her son to drugs last year at Christmastime, Karen Hatley is hoping her anti-drug message will help keep others from going down the same path.

Tim Hatley's struggle with drugs began when he injured his foot while he was in high school. He was prescribed narcotics to manage the pain thus beginning his addiction to meth and heroin.

Tim Hatley took his own life in December of 2017.

"That was not my son that killed himself,” said Karen. “That was the meth and heroin and him knowing that he did not want to live with that psychosis the rest of his life.”

A billboard featuring a picture of Tim went up near Grayling High School where Tim graduates. The billboard states "Addiction can lead to death."

Hatley hopes the sign will have a strong impact on teens and adults and prevent other parents from the heartache she has endured.

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