Thanks to a court order, a 14-year-old boy will stay on life support while his family searches for a new healthcare facility for him.

Two days after arriving at CS Mott Children's Hospital, Bobby Reyes' mother was told he should be taken off life support. Sarah Jones says she is not ready to do that.

"I'm living and breathing for him right now. I have to be my son's voice while he doesn't have one," she tells WJBK. "If my son goes while he is hooked up to this machine, I will accept it, but I will never unplug my son."

Reyes began having trouble breathing while playing video games at home on September 21st.

Jones was granted a temporary restraining order against the hospital in order for her to find a new facility.

Although the hospital has said that Reyes has no brain function, Jones said her son's heart is beating on its own and his breathing machine has been reduced. She says he is also responding to her touch.

A GoFUndMe page called 'Save Bobby' has been established on the framily's behalf in order to help them meet his medical needs.

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