A West Michigan woman gives a play-by-play description of an attempted home invasion that took place while she was at home with her kids.

Summer Farrell ignored a knock on her door Wednesday, telling Fox 17 that she wasn't expecting company. A few minutes later, she heard someone attempting to kick in her door. Farrell opened the door to find a would-be burglar wearing a ski mask and holding an airsoft gun. She slammed the door and took action.

“I obviously ran to my phone and my kids,” Farrell said. "Me being a mom I just thought I’d open the door and if somebody’s putting us in danger I’m going throw myself out there so that they don’t think I have kids in my home."

In the video below, you'll see surveillance video from a car dealership across the street from Farrell's home.

She goes on to say that parents need to prepare themselves for the worst.

“I pretty much just wanted to get this out there for any moms, or even dads, like me that they just think everything’s okay every day and like it’s not,” said Farrell. “You need to just like be prepared because like I could of lost my kids.”


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