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Here's a way to settle the mask/no mask debate:  Charge customers an additional fee if they refuse to wear a mask in your facility.

A family-owned market in Northern Michigan is tacking on a $10 charge for customers who don't wear masks inside the store.

The Honor Family Market in Benzie County (about 20 miles southwest of Traverse City) has posted a sign outside the store's entrance asking customers to treat staff members with respect and courtesy and requesting that masks be worn. The sign says that masks are available for purchase, and goes on to say customers without masks will be charged.

"If you choose to not wear a mask, we will add a $10 Hazardous Service charge to your bill."

A local attorney tells Up North Live that he does not think it's illegal for the store to add the charge to customers' bills. He goes on to say that he thinks it's unfortunate that retail stores "have been put in a position of having to act as the mask police.”

In this video from Up North Live, most customers support the store's position, saying they agree that wearing a mask is the responsible thing to do.


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