"It's a miracle I came back. Everybody was here cheering me up for survival."

About 68,000 Michiganders have beaten the coronavirus, and Zahid Raza is one of them.

Raza went into the emergency room at Beaumont in Troy on March 30th with complaints that he couldn't breathe. And, according to WXYZ-TV Detroit, one of the last things that he remembers hearing is that they were using their last available ventilator on him.

He was in a coma for months afterward, including on his 65th birthday. He had no underlying health conditions.

In June, he was transferred to a facility in Mt. Clemens, where he woke up and his wife told him how much time had passed. He was shocked - it had been 71 days.

He was then transferred to Ascension St. John in Detroit and, after 137 days of battling the novel coronavirus, he was released from the hospital last Friday. He still has to have physical therapy to learn how to walk again and he'll have regular doctor check-ups, but he says that he appreciates "every minute of my life now."

Raza said that he's looking forward to retiring and spending more time with his family.

All of these recovery stories are absolutely incredible but especially the ones like this where they were in the hospital for months at a time. There must've been so many moments that the patients and their loved ones wanted to give up...but didn't.

We hope that Raza enjoys his well-earned retirement with his family!

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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