A car theft in 1989 left Chris Cline with a bench warrant in Detroit. He was pulled out of bed and arrested on the 13th for the crime he allegedly committed 29 years ago. His daughter is upset by the situation, telling WNEM her father was hit by a car years ago and has diminished mental capacity.

Chris' daughter broadcasted her father's arrest on Facebook, which at this time has over 34,000 views.

According to WNEM, the bench warrant hasn't come up in the 29 years since the crime. Deputies took Chris to Oakland County Jail on Friday, July 13th and then released him. They instructed him to turn himself in to Detroit. WNEM reports that he will turn himself in, but have an attorney with him.

Isn't there a statute of limitations on things like this? It feels like after 29 years he wouldn't have to do any jail time. If the bench warrant has never been a problem, he probably hasn't been in any trouble with the law in 29 years.

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