It may look silly, but it's for a good reason. Message received. 

Some grandfathers might take their grandsons fishing or camping. Instead, Fred Harrington from Petoskey took his 8-year-old grandson to protest a proposed Mackinac pipeline.

Harrington, who is a member of the Odawa tribe as well as a former U.S. Navy submarine vete, and his grandson, Riley Sargent, showed up to a meeting for the Michigan Pipeline Safety Advisory Board meeting yesterday. The meeting was held to discuss the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline.

They went to the restroom, undressed, slathered themselves in cake batter, and went back to their seats. When the meeting turned to the public, Fred and Riley took the mic.

He told the audience, "We wanted show you what the birds will look like, what the fish will look like, what the shoreline will look like if that pipeline breaks. If we continue to let it run and run and run year after year, it will break."

This isn't a new tactic - Dawn has been airing commercials about animals affected by oil spills for years.

Well done, grandpa. Message received. Now, take your grandson out for some cake. You both deserve it.

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