Good news if you plan on cracking open a few cold ones this summer, Michigan has the cheapest beer in the country. Simple Thrifty Living and Thrillist did a study to seek out the cheapest case of beer in the country. The average cost for a case of beer in Michigan is $14.62, that is .15 cents cheaper than California, who came in second. Pennsylvania is where you will pay the most for your brews, with a case being $21.98.

The study only looked at cases of 12 ounce cans of Miller Lite and Bud Light, but says in Michigan we are paying $.61 per can. If you are into the craft scene you will be paying a little more for your brews, which if you ask me, is totally worth it.

If you want an excuse to drink a few brews this week, join us in Buckham Alley this Thursday for Burgers and Brews.

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