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Two days after their purebred English bulldog puppies were stolen at gunpoint, a Lansing family has been reunited with the dogs. (And it feels so good.)

The pups' owners, Frank and Dezarae posted the good news on Facebook Sunday. (The post has been edited for spelling and clarity.)

"We have our babies! I wanted to let everybody know we have them! Thank you for all your support! I will tell you all about it as soon as I can find my mind. I love you all and thank you so much please share this!"

The family breeds and sells puppies from their home in Lansing. After vetting a potential buyer for the two English bulldogs, the couple made arrangements to meet at Twelve Oaks Mall, about halfway between their home in Lansing and the buyer's home in Macomb.

"It felt good because I thought they were going to go home together and be raised together,” says Dezarae.

Shortly after they arrived at the designated meeting spot Friday evening, the buyer called to say he would be along shortly and asked if his teenage children could come to take a look at the dogs. They agreed and were soon approached by two teenage girls. A third person then sneaked up behind Frank and held a gun to his head. The three took the puppies and jumped into a getaway car driven by a fourth person.

WXYZ reports that Novi police are still investigating.

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