Chevy has been missing since before Christmas.

Eben Junction resident Emily Heyrman is hoping that, with the summer months bringing more tourists to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, somebody will have seen her beloved dog, Chevy.

*** $500 Reward ***

Chevy was lost in UP near Grand Marais MI between the AuSable lighthouse and the log slide off 58. Please if you have any info on Chevy call or text me at 906-202-0652

It’s been 9 months since our Chevy boy has been missing. We have searched everywhere for him and have done everything we can think of. The last time Chevy was seen was by a hiker between the AuSable lighthouse and the log slide parking lots. The hiker told us he was heading to the log slide and that’s where my husband saw the last tracks of Chevy. We really think someone took him the day he went missing and choose not to call his information on his collar. If you find a dog and he or she might be dirty or seem like it’s been on it’s own for a while don’t assume that someone didn’t want them or looking for them. It is crazy to me that someone wouldn’t contact information on a collar but unfortunately it does happen. Just think if someone were to rip away your fur baby without even giving you a chance to get them back. You may fall in love with that animal right away but think of the family that pet belongs to and the feelings of that pet. Chevy was my first dog I had from a puppy to an adult. He was not only my fur baby but my best friend. Wherever I would go he would go! The only reason he wasn’t with me the day he went missing is I was at my baby shower. I am currently 8 months pregnant and was so excited to bring our first baby home to Chevy, but someone took that chance away from me without even giving us a call. I hope wherever Chevy is he is happy and well taken care of. I will never give up hope that I get you back one day bud. Just know I love you and I’m trying to find you 💕 906-202-0652


You can view his listing at by clicking HERE.

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