Cookie is being held for ransom. A Grand Rapids couple says their one-year-old Australian silky terrier went missing Saturday and they've since received a voicemail demanding cash for her return.

"I need to be reimbursed for room and board and all my money and time spent on this dog, or I'm going to have to sell her."

The anonymous caller goes on to say "Take this message to heart I'm dead serious.".

Paul Mendez and Norma Sarabia tell WOOD-TV that the call came from a blocked number and that the kidnapper left no contact information.

[PERSONAL NOTE:  This may be the dumbest kidnapper ever. How the hell are the owners supposed to contact you if you block your number and don't leave any contact information??]

Mendez and Sarabia have put up posters in their neighborhood and have contacted Grand Rapids police. The police department is not investigating at this time.

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