A Michigan couple who family members say did everything together died within 20 minutes of each other over the weekend.

Les and Freda Austin of Jackson were married for 70 years before entering hospice together on Friday. (12/6) The 90-year-old couple were given side-by-side beds at the facility and then passed away peacefully on Saturday.

The Austins were married in 1949. Their first date was their high school prom. Family members say the couple truly enjoyed spending time with each other and loved camping. They spent a great deal of time exploring the beauty of Northern Michigan and visiting numerous lighthouses.

"They did everything together. They didn't stop with death," daughter Sandy Maes tells Mlive. "I think they knew each other was passing and they are eternally together. And I think it was beautiful."

Les and Freda had two children, four grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. They celebrated 70 years of marriage in November.

Although it's difficult for the couple's family to lose two beloved people at the same time, they call their close passing a blessing.

“I’m so happy they went together,” Smith said. “I think it would have been torture for either of them to be here alone.”

The couple's obituary can be seen here.

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