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Leslie and Patricia McWaters spent nearly a half-century together before dying on the same day, about one minute apart. The couple, who lived in Jackson, was married for 47 years and lost their battle with COVID-19 just before Thanksgiving.

Their daughter, Joanna Sisk, says that losing one parent is difficult but losing both is "the worst." But she says her parents were inseparable and probably couldn't go on without each other.

“It’s beautiful, but it’s so tragic. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet,” Sisk tells WDIV. “One wouldn’t have wanted to be without the other.”

She joked that her mom likely led her father by the hand and told him it was time to go.

“I can tell you this, when they passed we think Mom -- the boss -- she definitely went to his room and said, ‘Come on. Let’s go,’” Sisk said.

Sisk says that her parents were very different. Patricia was a no-nonsense nurse while Leslie was a fun-loving truck driver. But somehow their personalities were a complement to one another.

After losing both of her parents in one day to COVID-19, Sisk says she is bothered by how casually many people are about the risks of the disease.

"People were talking about it not knowing my parents were in the hospital fighting for their lives and I just had tears streaming down my cheeks listening to them,” Sisk said. “Our entire family is completely devastated."


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