If you have ever wondered why we can't return juice or water bottles for a 10 cent deposit, that change could be coming. There is a new bill that would update Michigan's 42-year-old bottle deposit law. The new bill would add water and juice bottles to the list of containers eligible for a 10 cent return. That also means we would have to pay a 10 cent deposit on water and juice bottles.

Since the original law went into effect in 1976, Michiganders have been paying a 10 cent deposit on pop, sparkling water, beer, and basically anything else carbonated. I am all for returning water bottles for 10 cents back, I drink way more water than anything else and go through at least a case of water every week. I do recycle the water bottles now, but I know that not everyone does. The question is, would a 10 cent return be enough to change the way people dispose of water bottles?

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