A man in Jackson, Mi is trying to pay a fine he owes the city, but so far they refuse to take his payment.

Brian McGonega received a $270 fine in Jackson for having trash in his yard. I don't know Brian, but I can't imagine he is too happy about the fine. I think a lot of people would refuse to pay, or fight the fine, or wait until the last day possible to pay the fine. He is not doing any of those things.

Brian is trying to pay his fine in a series of $27 payments. He is making those payments in pennies. Someone from the treasurers office says he usually shows up just before the end of the work day and brings $27 in pennies to be counted. This is his way of protesting the fine, but he is trying to pay it! The treasurers office says his method of payment is not practical and they are making him pay so they can maintain their picture-perfect community.

I think the city should take payment in whatever form it comes, but that is just me.

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