A Detroit-area mom posted her experience and pictures on Facebook after claiming that a disgruntled Checkers employee tossed a slushie into her car. 

Ashley Scarlavia wrote this Facebook post about an experience she had at a Checkers restaurant in St. Clair Shores:

I had a horrible experience today at the rally/checkers at 9 1/2 and Harper. Just wanted to pass my experience on so you other nice ladies know what kind of service you can expect.

Today I had 5 kids in my car including a newborn and I was in line at checkers and there was one car in front of me and a couple behind me blocking my exit. I was essentially "trapped" in line because the baracaids on my right side and the building on my left I couldn't leave until the car in front got their food. After 20+ minutes in line and my screaming newborn in the backseat I complained through the intercom and said "hello, this wait is ridiculous are you going to even take my order?"
They said "sorry I'll be with you soon"
I said "it's been over 20 mins already"
Their response was "you don't have to be rude we have the right to refuse you service"
I said "I don't even care anymore about the food there is no reason one car should take you guys so long to serve"
She replied "well you can leave then"
I replied "I can't I'm blocked in which is why I'm complaining."

So unfortunately I continued to wait for the car in front to leave and when they did I preceded to drive by the window and leave without even placing an order. Well as I drove by their order window was closed, she quickly opened her window and chucked a large red slurpee at me and everywhere in my car!! I was drenched in slurpee and my interior stained. The girl I babysit has slurpee down her new sweater. I parked my car at her window and called the police. They took my report were completely on my side but checkers refused to show them the tape saying I was lying and intoxicated throwing beer at them!!! The cops knew they were lying I even let them search my car!! I did NOTHING to deserve this!!! And how dare they lie and say I was drunk at 3 in the afternoon with 5 kids with me.I called the store owner and they were also unsupportive and said they couldn't tell me anything even if she does get in trouble. The cops told me to file an assault charge. Which im now inclined to do because the store isn't doing anything for her behavior!!

I will definitely never go back!!

According to ClickOnDetroit, the employee has been fired. Judging from the other reviews of this particular location, we're gonna go out on a limb and say that this place could probably use a morale boost.

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