It's like falling through the the looking glass....for real.

The Mad Hatter Bistro, located in Birmingham, Michigan, is like you're stepping right into the pages of the childhood favorite book Alice in Wonderland. The unique fairy tale escape will transport you back to your childhood imagination with it's real-life storybook themed restaurant.

The Mad Hatter is located at 185 N Old Woodward Ave right in the thick of all the Birmingham fun. Opened in 2014, the multi-level restaurant offer two types of dining experiences with its whimsical decor that transports you right to Wonderland.

Welcome to the Fairytale

Those dining at the Mad Hatter Bistro will have the chance to feel just like Alice with a choice two different culinary adventures. One is dining down the "rabbit hole" and into Wonderland, or enjoying a meal in a sophisticated, eclectic dining room during which you can watch the Mad Scientists culinary skills in their open kitchen.

Visitors of all ages are welcome to enjoy the themed menu selection while surrounded by velvet ceiling panels, vintage tea cups, clocks everywhere, and even a chandelier made of spoons. Oh, and wait until you see the door knobs!

Menu selections include the Mad Queen's Chicken, Blue Caterpillar Cocktail, and even a special Mad Hatter Tea Party offered for both adults and kids with reservations made ahead of time. The Mad Hatter Bistro prides itself in using traditional family recipes passed along through the years.

To book your journey through the looking glass, and for more information, click here. 

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