The number of scams related to the Covid 19 outbreak has risen drastically in the United States and Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel reminds us to be extra vigilant during this crisis.

The AG's office notes that many seemingly-legitimate online retailers are selling masks that reportedly are not being delivered. These ads sometimes use misleading language to persuade customers to purchases masks, while the CDC contends that wearing a mask does not protect someone who does not have the virus from getting it.

Nessel also warns that misinformation attributed to a "Stanford Hospital board member" is being circulated on social media. The post states that you can conduct a home test for coronavirus simply by holding your breath and that if you can do so for more than 10 seconds without coughing, you likely do not have the virus. The post goes on to recommend sipping water every 15 minutes in order to wash the virus into your stomach where it will be killed by stomach acid. Nessel's office confirmed that the information did not come from Stanford Medicine.

The Attorney General has also taken action against a number of businesses and individuals who have been accused of price gouging during the coronavirus crisis. If you suspect possible price gouging, you are asked to report it immediately.

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