Get ready for a Willy Wonka inspired treasure hunt in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Johnny Perri, a former Southeast Michigan Jeweler, is the man behind the treasure hunt contest. This quest will see contestants participating in a week-long treasure hunt to find a check filled with $100,000 worth of gold and silver. Unfortunately, not just anyone can participate and try to win the prize.

In order to become a contestant, treasure-hunters must first secure one of ten silver tickets. Just like in Willy Wonka, those hoping to go on this treasure hunt must purchase chocolate bars in hopes of finding one of the silver tickets inside. Johnny's Treasure Quest gourmet chocolate bars are now available here for $10 each.

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Treasure-hunters that find a silver ticket in their chocolate bar will win the opportunity to seek out the treasure check in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Those ticket holders will be flown to a location in the U.P. and be given housing, dining, and the chance to participate in the seven-day, six-night treasure quest. Each silver ticket holder will also be allowed to bring one guest to help them find the prize.

The special chocolate bars are on sale now and will be available for local pickup starting tomorrow (Wednesday, December 2nd.) Those bars can be purchased one at a time or contestants can receive free shipping on orders of 25 bars or more. Just be sure to hurry as only 400,000 of the chocolate bars will be made available. Once all the contestants are found, the Great American Treasure Hunt will begin on June 1st, 2021.

Good luck!


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