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Meijer stores here in the Flint area and throughout the midwest are supporting local restaurants as they provide meals for team members during the holidays.

The program, which began on Thanksgiving, will provide four meals that are catered by local restaurants and served to employees at each one of Meijer's stores and distribution centers. It's a thank-you to the employees, but Meijer President and CEO Rick Keyes says he hopes it will help local restaurants and their employees who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

"As a family-owned Midwestern company, we know that communities are built around local businesses," Keyes said in a press release. "These meals not only show our support of our team members, but also of the local businesses our communities depend upon. Both groups truly deserve a little extra appreciation this holiday season."

Local restaurants in six states where Meijer operates will be contracted to provide about 250,000 meals leading up to Christmas.

We can't say enough great things about Meijer. My wife has worked at the Swartz Creek location for four years. My son Nick has been the recipient of three scholarships for family members of Meijer associates, which is awarded by the Fred and Lena Scholarship Program.

Meijer is based in West Michigan, and Grand Rapids TV station WXMI takes a closer look at the program in the video below.


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