Just a few days ago, box office analysts were predicting a $125 million opening weekend for Jurassic World. Defying all expectations, Jurassic World brought in a whopping $209 million making it the biggest opening weekend of all-time, beating the previous record holder, The Avengers. The team at Marvel took it all in stride, releasing this poster on Twitter congratulating the Jurassic World crew on their achievement.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige tweeted out the poster (created by in-house concept artist Andy Park) this afternoon:

Even though The Avengers was bested by a rival film, it still works out well for Marvel, who have Hollywood’s newest superstar Chris Pratt contracted for a multi-picture deal. Pratt joked of his contract length in 2013 saying, “Yeah, they pretty much own me for as long as they want. [Laughs] Which, hopefully, will be a really long time.” He’s set to begin filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in January and will likely make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War.

The practice of taking out an ad to congratulate a rival studio on a film is hardly new. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have been trading print ads for years.

Here’s a December, 1977 Variety ad from Steven Spielberg to George Lucas congratulating him on the success of Star Wars.


George Lucas returned the favor as E.T. moved past Star Wars.

Then again as James Cameron’s Titanic passed Star Wars.

Avengers only held the record for three years and it’s very likely Jurassic World’s hold on the record won’t even last that long and, come this holiday season, Steven Spielberg will be congratulating yet another Star Wars film.

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