All of you who are hating on Adam Levine have obviously forgotten about the Black Eyed Peas in 2011.

Maroon 5 is in the fire at the moment. In fact, they've been in that fire for a while now. When they originally were chosen for the Super Bowl halftime show, they caught heat from the anti-NFL, pro-Kaepernick crowd. And now that the show is over, they're catching heat for putting on a "boring" performance.


Seriously. How could you NOT be entertained? Maroon 5 has been cranking out top 10 radio hits for the past 15 years and they pretty much played 'em all during the halftime show.

Say what you will about the two cameos, provided by Atlanta's very own Big Boi from Outkast and red hot rapper Travis Scott. Big Boi is catching flack for wearing fur and Travis Scott is married to a Jenner, so they've got their own sets of problems.

I feel like, at this point, people just love to hate. Since Janet Jackson's nipplegate, the halftime show has evolved from a super-safe, classic artist showcase until they ran out of classic artists. They've slowly migrated back to contemporary artists, and people are STILL complaining.

Breaking down the fourth wall, perhaps we know the immense amount of talent, persistence and luck it takes to even BECOME a successful recording artist. And then, to pull off a flawless (both artistically and technically) performance in front of a billion people? They did it. And I doubt that you or I could have done it better.

And now, the best halftime show of all-time: Prince, 2007.

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