A man who survived for five days on Taco Bell sauce packets while stranded in his car is getting free Taco Bell for an entire year.

But after his recent ordeal, will he really want Taco Bell?

(It certainly wouldn't stop me from craving fourth meal!)

Jeremy Taylor and his dog Ally were rescued Friday (3/1) after becoming stranded in the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon.

Taylor caught the fast food giant's attention when he posted on Facebook, "Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!"

Needless to say, Taco Bell was impressed.

“We’re very glad Jeremy and Ally are okay,” the company said in a statement this week. “We know our sauce packets are amazing, but this takes it to a whole new level. We’re in touch with Jeremy and have sent him a well-deserved care package, a year’s supply of Taco Bell, and of course, all the sauce packets that come with it.”

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