Taylor Santos is a sophomore at  Springtown (Texas) High School had to make a choice.  She could either serve two days of in-school suspension, or get paddled. Those were options after a teacher determined that she let her classmate copy her work.

She chose the suspension so that she didn't fall too far behind in her classes. She had been a straight A student who claims that she didn't know her work was being copied. After one day of suspension she realized she was falling behind and opted instead for the paddle.

Texas is one of 20 states that still allow corporal punishment, so it was good there. The problem arises when the paddling is administered by a member of the opposite sex. That is a violation of the local school district. That's not it played out when Santos came in for her punishment. Instead, it was a male vice principal who administered the paddling as a female administrator observed.

After a couple of days the 15-year-old's bottom showed signs of the swatting. "It was bright red," Taylor said. "I still have welts on me today."

Her mother, Anna Jorgensen, became furious when she learned a man was had given her daughter the surprising injuries. Now, it turns out the school district superintendent is planning to abolish the rule of opposite sex teachers, because of the male to female staff ratio.

"I think Taylor is proof that we need to keep that policy," argued Jorgensen. "Men are too big and strong to be hitting 96-pound girls."