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Michigan is known as the Great Lake State and boasts an array of natural beauty and perfect scenery for locals and visitors to enjoy all year round. Home to more than more than 10 million residents, cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids have plenty to offer from entertainment and culture to music and history.

Whether you are searching for things to see and do in Michigan or looking for tips and guidance on how to move around the state, plenty of information can now be found with just a few clicks.

In this technological age, it is possible to locate exactly what you are searching for via your smartphone or tablet and this article will assess the various apps available to make life easier for Michigan residents.

Pure Michigan

The Pure Michigan app is ideal for locals planning a vacation or getaway in their home state. It provides detailed information on events, activities and attractions and offers plenty of inspiration for those looking for the perfect staycation.

Even Michigan residents can discover new places to explore, such as its vast array of stunning sights and thrilling locations to check out.

Michigan Brewery

The state is known for its standing on the craft beer scene and this map app can help you locate different breweries across Michigan. Not only can you find different places to drink and socialize, but you can also check in to show your friends your favorite breweries, share events and even rate and review your different beers.

MI Drive

This app is a must if you are traveling across the state. Providing live traffic and road updates in real time, it gives users a heads-up as they plot their journeys through Michigan and even while they are on the move.

So, whether the conditions become unexpectedly poor, a road traffic accident occurs or there is a road closure due to an unforeseen issue, you don’t have to be delayed and can instead plan an alternative route.

This means you can spend time doing things you love as opposed to wasting time in the car.

Michigan Radio

Of course, today we are all spoiled in terms of the content we can view on a variety of platforms. With that said, for news, chat and culture, nothing beats local radio. The people of Michigan can stay informed about the state in which they are residing with streams of live broadcasts offering updates, talk shows and state-focused programming.

Online Casinos

Michigan residents have been enjoying online gambling for several years since it was legalized and several casino apps are offering a variety of games and experiences.

Players in Michigan can visit to compare and assess dozens of apps where gamers can play traditional pursuits like blackjack, roulette and poker. Bettors can also place wagers on a range of sports via the app, with the MLB team the Detroit Tigers, and the NFL franchise the Detroit Lions both located in the state.

Michigan locals can enhance their gameplay with bonuses and promotions via these platforms while the interactive and immersive nature of games can provide hours of entertainment all from the comfort of your home.

Hunt Fish

This Michigan fishing guide is key for those who enjoy angling as a pastime. The app provides locations across the state and also key information on Michigan fishing regulations and the option of obtaining a digital fishing license.

What’s more, it also features a cool function that helps you identify different types of species of fish that can be found in the area. It's the ideal app for fishing enthusiasts and beginners as it boasts a range of tools that can be utilized for all.

Summing Up

Overall, apps are now a huge part of everyday life for millions of people around the world and it's no different in Michigan. These mobile platforms can prove beneficial for people living in the state with information and tips on a range of different amenities.

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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