Gene Ryeson, owner of popular Oakland County restaurant Highland House, turned 90 years old yesterday. Highland House has been a family-owned restaurant since 1976 when Ryeson took over, and the restaurant is still in the family today. It underwent a massive renovation, being knocked down and rebuilt entirely in 2018.

Many long-time lovers of the restaurant who had been enjoying its small, family feel for decades were apprehensive about the 2018 renovation. Especially when the entire thing had to be knocked down and rebuilt from scratch. They made a new menu that was significantly larger than the old one, featuring everything from lunch to dinner, entrees big and small, Mexican, Italian, American, and so much more!

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In late 2018 and early 2019, after the restaurant reopened, people quickly took a liking to the new style. The parking lot was significantly bigger, the menu had more options, and they even have a to-go area with delicious desserts ready to take home! It was a serious improvement and a win for the restaurant, as well as Gene Ryeson, of course.

Gene was instrumental in making this wonderful, family-owned American style restaurant the institution in the community that it is today. Located in Highland, MI right off M-59 by Duck Lake Road, this is an eatery where families, couples, and everyone in between can sit down and have a nice meal with a home-cooked feel.

The entire staff celebrated Gene today, having him blow out candles on a cake they got for him in this charming video.

Happy birthday, Gene! We hope it's your best one yet!

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