After years of hard work, Lizzo became a household name seemingly overnight when 2017’s “Truth Hurts” belatedly went viral in 2019. However, that fame came with unexpected side effects. The “Good as Hell” superstar recently tackled some of the drama on her Cardi B-assisted “Rumors,” but she delved deeper into one development in particular during a recent chat with PopCrush Nights host Kayla Thomas.

The duo linked up over Zoom, where Lizzo shared some piping hot virtual tea about NDAs, the artist who sets the bar for her and how she feels about “Truth Hurts” landing on Rolling Stone’s prestigious 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

On “Rumors,” Lizzo claims she makes people sign NDAs to protect her privacy. It turns out that particular rumor is most certainly true: “I have a stack of NDAs right now,” she admitted.

“When you’ve been burned or when you’ve been in a situation where it’s like, ‘Why did you?’ Or you’ve been hurt before, you don’t want to ever have that happen again. I just want to avoid it at all costs.”

However, the “Tempo” hit-maker assured Thomas that it doesn’t impact her friendships. “The people who I’m friends with, when I met them there were no NDAs,” she explained. “Everyone who is with me now understands the gravity of protecting me, and I think that’s super special.”

Lizzo’s career has certainly taken off recently, but it sounds like she has her sights set on achieving an even loftier level of artistry and success. Who sets the bar for her? The answer is one that many people will likely relate to.

“Who sets the bar for me is Beyonce,” Lizzo answered without hesitation. “Obviously. At this point, I think we can all agree that Beyonce has done a lot for us. She’s gone above and beyond. Her perfectionism, her dedication to craft, how thorough she is, her professionalism, the talent and how she always wants to just be better.”

Lizzo already shares several things in common with Beyonce. One of those is the fact that they both landed on Rolling Stone’s list. The “Boys” star did a happy dance when asked about the achievement.

Although she noted that the history of recorded music is relatively new, it’s still a massive accomplishment. “To think about the female rappers that made that list, to be in such a small handful... that blew my mind even more.” (One of the other female rappers to make the list? Lizzo’s collaborator Missy Elliott, who landed within the Top 10.)

That’s not all, either. Lizzo also gushed about collaborating with Cardi B and the “natural chemistry” she shares with SZA.

Check out the full PopCrush Nights interview with Lizzo below:

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