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It's not a done deal yet, but bars in Michigan may soon have the option to stay open until 4 am rather than 2 am.

The reason? The bill was proposed in part to help bar owners make up for some of the revenue they've lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying open longer could mean more revenue.

House Bill 4213 just passed in the Michigan House and is on its way to the state senate for approval. It would then be sent to the governor for her signature.

If the bill passes, cities, communities, and villages would still have to approve the loosened restrictions for drinking establishments in their area.

Of course bars in most of lower Michigan are currently closed for indoor service due to an Executive Order issued earlier this year. Justin Winslow with the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association tells WXYZ that his industry has been hit especially hard over the last six months.

“It’s been a pretty challenging 2020 obviously," Winslow said. "As the season changes here, it’s going to be exceptionally challenging in this industry through fall and winter months."

What do you think? Is a later closing time good for business? Would the move be worth it in order to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to make up for revenue that was lost during the pandemic, or are we just asking for trouble?


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