Three Lapeer County women reportedly went on an egging spree last week, now police are calling for them to come forward.

The Lapeer County Police Department received multiple calls last Monday complaining of eggs being thrown at homes and vehicles. While police were not able to track down the serial eggers immediately, Imlay City Police Sargent, Tim Wolford said the girls made  several mistakes. The first mistake was purchasing the eggs at a Kroger in the same town they used them. The girls not only purchased the eggs at a local Kroger, but used a loyalty card to do so. The eggers must not have know that Kroger not only tracks all purchases made with a loyalty card, but also has one of the most high tech surveillance systems around. Now that all the evidence is stacked against them, the Police department is asking the women to come forward before more man hours are spent tracking them down. If you have any information about the eggings, please call the Imlay City Police Department at (810) 724-2345