Begin physically and emotionally preparing for Cheek To Cheek Part II: It Gets Cheekier. (Not the official title just yet, but it should be.)

While Lady Gaga was busy slaying and slashing her way through the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel last night on our TV screens, Instagram told a very different story about Mother Monster's whereabouts. Things certainly seem to be getting...jazzy.

"I'm just bein a jazz baby with the boys that's all..," the fresh-faced diva wrote in one photo accompanied by two horn-y men. "Me and my guy ❤️" she wrote in another, giving a smooch on the cheek (TO CHEEK) to her main man. No, not you, Taylor Kinney. The other one — Mr. Tony Bennett!

"They played with the best there is, I'm a lucky girl," she wrote in yet another post, accompanied by even more band players. And finally, in a cruelly mute video, Gaga shows off her in-studio dance skills while standing close to Tony and belting out a tune.

Although some Little Monsters got a bit dramatic about Gaga's next foray into jazz rather than working on LG5 ("RIP pop music," wrote carlosenriquerg), others were more encouraging. "I totally get why she's eating up the chance to continue to work with him. He's an older man and a legend. No idea how many more opportunities she might have with him. Do it while you can Gaga! Pop can wait!" Jennifer_l_bell wrote.

Bennett confirmed a follow-up was in the works ages ago, and now, it appears to be very much happening.

October's shaping up to be quite a jazzy, bloody good affair.

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