It was a rough day for 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan.  At yesterday's progress hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked her probation because she failed to perform community service, and admonished the troubled actress for failing to treat her sentence seriously.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Holley,  desperately argued that her client had substantially complied with other portions of the Judge's sentence, including psychological counseling, attendance in a program for shoplifters, and should be allowed to continue uninterrupted on probation.

Dressed in white, Lohan spent much of the court session shaking her head during her admonishment by the judge.  She was led from the courtroom in handcuffs, then posted $100,000 bail and was allowed to go home.

Judge Sautner ordered Lohan to appear at a hearing on November 2 where court officials and lawyers will present evidence as to whether Lohan violated her probation.  If that is the case, she could be returned to jail.