Kesha has a well-known love of beards (she even says so at the end of her hit ‘Your Love Is My Drug’), and she’s not afraid to show it. The ‘Sleazy‘ songstress started a tumblr called ‘Put Your Beard In My Mouth‘ … And it’s about exactly what it sounds like.

The blog appears to be a work in progress so far. Kesha urges fans to submit their beards for “her and others’ viewing pleasure.” So far the only image is the banner photo above and the note saying, “That’s an order.”

The website seems to be a long time coming. Just this past week, Kesha tweeted about beards quite a bit: “Beards on bikes,” she wrote on Dec. 3. On Dec. 6, Ms. Sebert asked a fan, “@nascar_junky do you have a beardd??”

Kesha previously expressed her passion for men’s facial hair on Conan in May. “I love putting beards on my face and in my mouth and touching it,” she told the freshly-shaved host. Conan then put on a fake beard, and Kesha did the same thing she’s doing on her blog — she rubbed his face on her own before biting off the beard (which apparently tasted “like Febreeze”).

A safe bet as to one beard that won’t appear on Kesha’s site? Zach Galifianakis, who shot down the animal rights activist this summer. That’s okay, though — we’re sure there are plenty of burly dudes who’d love a chance for Kesha to chew their beards. Maybe rumored hookup Calvin Harris will forgo the razors for a while.

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