Katy Perry really is a do-gooder! The singer must be trying to earn sainthood, since she reportedly gifted her team of assistants with electric cars.

So not only was the singer generously showing her appreciation for the people who work for her -- she was also being environmentally sound.

Perry supposedly dropped $500,000 on the green-friendly cars, which were not just compact coupes, either. She splurged on luxury, 4-door Fisker Karmas for each of her five assistants. Remember, The Biebs also owned a Fisker Karma vehicle.

But as for Perry, she employs the lucky five to manage her schedule, to do the thankless errands that no one but assistants want to do, and other assorted, sundry things that need to get done in order to keep the wheels of the Katy Perry machine greased and running effectively and efficiently. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a pop diva and her career.

Now Team Katy can tool around Los Angeles, nabbing things for her in style and while reducing their carbon footprint.

At the end of the day, these purchases were likely a nice tax write-off for Perry, too.

A Perry source told the Daily Star (via Celebuzz), "They are completely electric and top of the range in car luxury but she hates the smog in the air in LA. In total she spent over half a million dollars on the cars and now her conscience is clean."

Um, Katy, where do we submit a resume and cover letter for a job as one of your lackeys? We'd even be fine with waiting until we have a year in your employ in order to get our electric car.

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