Jonas Brothers fans who have been awaiting news that the sibling trio will again make music together are in luck! Last week, a new tune, ‘Dance Until Tomorrow,’ was leaked online sending fans of Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas into a complete tizzy.

“THIS JUST COMPLETE MY 2011,” one fan wrote on the YouTube page where the song leaked. “im speechless! oh goodness!” while another female fan gushed, “This is the best Christmas present … I’m about to cry”

The new tune leans heavy on the auto-tune, but delivers a fun, upbeat song that is already showing signs of being yet another big hit to impact pop radio. The song highlights what we have all come to love about these three guys — their tight harmonies and smooth vocal blends, which helped them soar to the top of the charts with many of their previous releases.

For now, ‘Dance Until Tomorrow’ is being labeled as a “promotional single,” but that also means the comeback of the Jonas Brothers to mainstream radio after several months on hiatus. What a great way to ring in the New Year!

Listen to the Jonas Brothers’ ‘Dance Until Tomorrow’

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