Just days after being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, John Tesh packed up the trophy and mailed it back. Tesh was reportedly upset with the way his wife was treated at the induction ceremony earlier this month.

According to Chicago media reporter Robert Feder, Tesh chose his wife and business partner Connie Sellecca to introduce him at the gala which was held in New York on November 8th. When Sellecca's introduction passed the imposed three-minute mark, a producer cued the music to 'play her off stage.' When that didn't work, her microphone was silenced and the ballroom lights were turned off.

Tesh accepted the award while expressing gratitude to his family and spoke of his 2015 cancer diagnosis and credited his "faith in divine healing" for seeing him through his health scare.

But after returning home, Tesh packaged up the trophy and sent it back to the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, which administers the awards.

“What happened the night of the Radio Hall of Fame to Connie Sellecca was a horrible mistake and I could not apologize more,” Susy Schultz, executive director of the museum, tells Feder. “Hers is a strong and important voice that should not be silenced. She is a woman with a successful multi-faceted career and a keen business sense who has navigated the worlds of acting, modeling, television, producing and digital broadcasting."

John Tesh's 'Intelligence for your Life' program is heard weekdays from midnight to 5 am and Saturdays from 7 am to 10 am on Cars 108. Sellecca's 'Intelligence for your Health' airs on Sunday mornings.


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