John Tesh, whose syndicated 'Intelligence For Your Life' shows are heard on Cars 108, feared radio stations would drop his programs when he was diagnosed with Cancer two years ago.

“When I first got the cancer diagnosis almost two years ago, I was afraid the (radio) stations were going to drop me,” Tesh tells the Press of Atlantic City.

Tesh was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in 2015.

It was his wife, Connie Sellecca, who encouraged him to share his cancer journey with his radio and online audiences.

“Eventually she said, ‘Why don’t you be honest about this and (tell them) how you’re using your faith along with the medical treatments to get healed. You could really speak to people. It’s this thing where you open up and people can be touched by it in some manner.’ That was a lesson to me that I needed to let people watch this process.”

In a message to Tesh affiliated radio stations, John explained that he has gone through two surgeries, and his doctors are confident that they were able to successfully remove his cancer.

Hey guys. I’m sure you’ve heard bits and pieces about my cancer journey so I wanted to give you (and especially me) some great news. 

After 2 surgeries the docs at MD Anderson are guaranteeing me another decade or more of life expectancy... which means I’ll still be bringing the IFYL long after you retire to your pontoon party boat.  I have 2 more Chemo sessions to ‘wash out’ any microscopic cells but that’s normal protocol. 

Tesh posted on his Facebook page, "The healing continues thanks to Connie, my family, MD Anderson, Dr. Chris Logothetis, Andrew Wommack, Jack Hibbs and ALL OF YOU! Your healing prayers are the spiritual meds that keep me on the air and on stage every week. This piece ties it together. Training for my next round of chemo after this week's concerts. Mark 11:23. Speak to the mountain! God wants us healed."

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