In recent weeks and months there have been several celebrity death hoaxes that have gained quite a bit of traction due to their spread via social media. Eddie Murphy, Lady Gaga, Scott Baio, Charlie Sheen.

The latest celebrity death hoax has been rocker Jon Bon Jovi. The rumor which seemed to originate from Twitter, said that Bon Jovi was found comatose in a New Jersey hotel room and rushed to a hospital where he suffered "cardiac arrest."
Fortunately, we happen to have Bon Jovi's BIGGEST FAN IN THE UNIVERSE, Maggie Meadows at our sister station, WWBN-FM in Flint. If Bon Jovi were actually dead, she would have already erected a memorial shrine.

Since no shrine exists at the Townsquare Media Complex or on her Facebook page, it is pretty safe to assume that Bon Jovi is alive and well. Bon Jovi's website doesn't mention his untimely death either.

Nor do any reputable new outlets. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, however, is dead. Not that anybody would confuse the two, but that's how some of these rumors get started.