Imagine getting a knock on your door one night, and it's the new host of 'The Late Late Show' asking if he can do his show from your living room. What would you say? When Tommy got a knock on his door last night, he wasn't expecting James Corden to walk in with Jeff Goldblum, Beck and a slew of wildlife. Talk about high-definition TV in your living room!

Since taking over the time slot following David Letterman, James Corden has definitely won me over with a spot on my DVR schedule. After starting his first week on the air performing every Tom Hanks movie in six minutes with Tom Hanks himself, he closed out his second week with one hell of a gamble. Last night, he went door to door looking for a place to do his show. After getting turned down by one couple, he knocked on the door of Tommy's house where the fun began, including a fun game of hide and seek! Spoiler Alert: Beck hides under the rug.

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