Snowplows in Michigan will be out in full force this weekend as they tackle Mother Nature's wrath. Unfortunately, many drivers will also be on the roads as well.

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While snowplows combat this weekend's brutal weather, it's crucial for drivers to know what they can and can't do while sharing the roadway with these essential snow-clearing vehicles.

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Some drivers, lacking patience, take chances by passing snowplows on the left and right sides.


Is It Legal to Pass Snowplows in Michigan?

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning emphasizes that not only is driving like this very dangerous, but it is also illegal to pass snowplows. Is it actually illegal?

It is illegal in Michigan to pass a snowplow on the right.

You could easily get caught in a "snow cloud" or get hit by the wing of the plow. It's suggested that you drive slowly and stay 6 to 10 vehicle lengths behind them.

And while it’s not illegal to pass on the left, you should do so with extreme caution.


A snowplow is considered an authorized vehicle for purposes of Michigan’s Move Over law.

If you see a stationary snowplow on the side of the road, you must slow down to at least 10 mph slower than the speed limit and move over to an open lane. If this is not possible, slow down and pass, allowing as much room as possible. Violating the Move Over law can result in penalties and fines.

Drive safe, slow down, and whatever you do, don't pass a snowplow on the right.

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