Earlier this week, a woman from Antrim County in northern Michigan shared an awesome photo of a bobcat that was sitting on her property.

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Jenilee Whisler saw a bobcat just chilling on her property on Sunday, September 24. She managed to snap a picture of it before it took off.

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Normally, when someone is lucky enough to get a photo of a bobcat, it's usually on a trail camera and in motion. While most photos people take are blurry, this one wasn't. It was the perfect photo.

Jenilee Whisler
Jenilee Whisler

I asked Whisler if this bobcat was a frequent visitor or if this was the first time that she'd seen it.

Jenilee Whisler:

This is the first time I've seen it on my property, although there have been tracks seen in the past. Haven't seen it again since Sunday, but have heard it on Monday and Tuesday, so it's still hanging around.

After Whisler said that she heard the bobcat, it got me wondering. What does a bobcat sound like in the wild? The video below provides a variety of sounds that the animal makes...and it is creepy. You would think that it would resemble a domestic house cat. However, that's just not the case.

Last month, we told you about a possible bobcat sighting in Grand Blanc in Genesee County. The sighting was in an area where bobcats are rarely seen if ever. Unfortunately, that sighting didn't come with a photo.

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