Michigan has made yet another top 10 list that pertains to those born in the state.

For many residents born in Michigan, the state will always be home to them as a big percentage remain here for most of their lives. The stickiness rate describes the percentage of native-born residents that will likely stick around throughout their lives.

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According to U.S. News & World Report, out of all the 50 states, the 'stickiest' is actually Texas. A whopping 82.2% of native-born Texans tend to stay for life. Texas also had one of the lowest out-migration rates in 2021 as well. Michigan takes the #10 spot on the list with a 71.5% stickiness rate.

What are the Top 10 'Stickiest' States in the Nation?

  1. Texas - 82.2% stickiness rate
  2. North Carolina - 75.5% stickiness rate
  3. Georgia - 74.2% stickiness rate
  4. California - 73% stickiness rate
  5. Utah - 72.9% stickiness rate
  6. Florida - 72.7% stickiness rate
  7. Wisconsin - 72.5% stickiness rate
  8. South Carolina - 71.9% stickiness rate
  9. Alabama - 71.6% stickiness rate
  10. Michigan - 71.5% stickiness rate

What are the 10 Least Sticky States?

  1. Wyoming - 45.3% stickiness rate
  2. North Dakota - 48.6% stickiness rate
  3. Alaska - 48.7% stickiness rate
  4. South Dakota - 54.2% stickiness rate
  5. Rhode Island - 55.2% stickiness rate
  6. West Virginia - 55.6% stickiness rate
  7. Vermont - 56.5% stickiness rate
  8. Delaware - 56.9% stickiness rate
  9. Kansas - 57.2% stickiness rate
  10. Hawaii - 58% stickiness rate

I've actually had a lot of conversations lately with friends about this very thing. A group of us have never really left our home area in Michigan. Honestly, Michigan does have a lot to offer. Four real seasons, summer and winter activities, big cities and small towns, and so much more. However, we all want to experience new things and places and it doesn't surprise me that all the places we have talked about moving to are in the top 10 above. Obviously, those states have a lot to offer residents.

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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